Download Tweakbox for iOS & Android. ( Download Link )

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Everyone likes premium apps , Who don’t..??  To enjoy premium apps we should spend some extra bucks from our pocket. Geeky7 is here to save that extra bucks  from your pocket and you will also  get the best premium apps that were available in the app store . Totally free of cost through an app called Tweakbox. To download tweakbox do read carefully and follow the steps below.

Tweakbox is a useful app that can be downloaded on any iPhone/iPad and Android devices. To download Tweakbox users have to access to applications not available on the appstore or play store. TweakBox app is an unofficial appstore that offers 3rd-party apps and games for iPhone and iPad, that is not available anywhere else. Many of the apps in Tweakbox provides original applications that have been Tweaked or updated for user choice. Because, the Tweakbox holds the applications within the software.

*1. Pre-requirements to Download Tweakbox store.

• Your internet connection is active.
• iOS version is above iOS7+.
• It supports devices after  iphone 5.
• It needs some storage to download and install the app.
• It requires third party source to download Tweakbox.

*2. How to download Tweakbox .

If you want to know How to download Tweakbox for iphone/ipad without jailbreak. Well, also want to get Tweak box and install on iOS 7+/8+/9+/10+/11+/12+. You selected the right article to get cydia alternative on Non-jailbreak iDevices.

Now I am getting new official Apple store Tweaks, apps and Hacking tools for free of cost. It’s pretty to hear the word free. It will possible only with the Latest Tweak Box App store which gives many apps and Hacking tools for your iOS device. It’s very easy to download and install the app store does not requires any jailbreak. It gives many apps for free like:- Tweaked, Hacked, Flash apps and more everything for free of any cost. The alternatives of  Tweak Box iHack OS and Panda Helper VIP are also available here. Tweakbox is not available in the appstore because of Apple didn’t support these type of apps due to some policy issues. You don’t get disappointed i am here to help you to get the direct link to download TweakBox.

Tweak box is an iOS app installer for without jailbreak ipad, iphone Devices and it offers Cydia store Tweaks and other apps without any purchases. Normally, the apps in the Tweak Box are also available on Cydia store but in the cydia store these apps can only available for doing jailbreak but, in the Tweakbox we can download any apps without jailbreaking iOS devices. And also it does not require any Apple ID and password for this Tweakbox store installation.

*3. Steps to install the Tweakbox.

STEP ~1.> On your iPhone, iPad or on Android device. Go to
STEP ~2.> Click on install now.


STEP ~3.>> When you receive a popup message tap on allow.
STEP ~4.>> A message will prompt you and the profile Downloaded. Tap on close.
STEP ~5.>> Go to your Device Home screen and tap on settings and click profile Downloaded.
STEP ~6.>> Enter your passcode to continue when it required.
STEP ~7.>> Then finally Tap on install.


STEP ~8.>> Tap on done at the right corner.
STEP ~9.>> Return back to Home screen and open the Tweak Box app.


STEP ~10.> Installation is finally completed.

*4. Rules to Use the Tweak Box app

Many of the apps provided in the TweakBox are not available in the apple app store or on Google play store. There are 4 different types of categories these includes: Tweaked apps, Hacking apps, Tweak Box apps and App store apps. Many apps are located in TweakBox and it requires us to allow apps from Unknown developers. We can do it now by trusting the developer within our device settings. Follow the below steps i will show you how to do so on your iPhone, ipad or android devices.

  • Go to settings.
  • Click on General.
  • Select profiles and Device management.
  • Tap on the text located underneath Enterprise app.
  • And click Trust.
  • When prompted, Tap on Trust again.

Once the above settings have been changed you will be able to use all the installed applications with ease.

*5.Categories of Tweak Box

Tweak box has about more than 2000 apps stored on and it has 4 categories like:- Hacked Games, Tweak Box apps, Tweak apps and appstore apps.

The first option Hacked Games category is prefect for those who are big into gaming. In this category the list of full games and the versions that you cannot find it on Apple app store or Google app store. Well, to use this section your iOS version is about iOS 9 or less installed on your device.

The second option Tweak Box apps category are having a lot of apps that you cannot find it on other App stores. This includes Streaming apps such as Kodi, emulators and much more. Many of the apps in this category helps your device to clean up and boost.

The Third option Tweaked apps in this section it hosts applications that you can find within the appstore. But it should be Tweaked or modified to improve the user experience. Items such as Facebook++,  whatsapp++, Instagram++, snapchat++ and much more all are available but with some modifications improved.

Finally Appstore apps the featured apps that are available with your appstore but it won’t get free. By using the remaining categories you will not have to pay for the Downloads we can enjoy it for free.

*6.Deletion of TweakBox

If you are facing any isssues while using the TweakBox, and you want to delete it then follow the steps to Delete Tweakbox.

1. First of all navigate the settings on your idevice.
2. Click on General and tap on profiles.
3. Click on Tweak Box profile and then tap on Tweak box.
4. Now navigate to Homescreen there you can see that the Tweak Box is no more.

*7.Fix Crashing and white screen issues on Tweak Box

Many of the users are searching for apps to download premium apps and games for free without any cost. Now a days it’s very difficult to jailbreak. All most all the third party apps are getting crashes. TweakBox also getting some issues after 7days of usage. If you want to avoid that crashing issues with TweakBox then we have to download anti revoke profile VPN to stop revoking the crashing issues of the Tweak box.

And the other issue is white screen which annoying you while using those apps on your devices. Here we have to fix the issue of Tweak box.

• First open settings.
• Navigate to safari.
• Tap on clear website data.
• After doing the above steps you may not face this issues on your idevice.


Through this article I had given you a brief  explanation how to download tweakbox for ios and android. And some common issues that provoke during installation of this app were also discussed. Hope you got what you need. But be some cautious while downloading from tweakbox store as the app are tweaked, you may feel some difficulty while downloading . If you find any problem on the way do comment.  If you found this article was helpful please share with your family and friends.

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