Ways to Fix iTunes Not Recognized on iphone/ipad.

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Most of the People  are facing problems while connecting the iTunes to iPhone, Fix iTunes not Recognized is quite common . If you are getting the same problem to Fix iTunes not recognized on your windows 10 or Mac devices, you arrived at the right Place. Because GEEKY7  provides you a clear cut step by step process to fix iTunes not recognized issue.

iTunes not Recognized on Your iPhone / iPad Error :


fix iTunes not recognized
Fix iTunes not recognized on iPhone/iPad


Over many thousands of People around the world are mostly facing the same issue every time. But, don’t worry we are here to show you How to fix iTunes not recognized iPhone or iPad devices with simple steps. If you are getting a troubleshoot on your computer or iTunes not recognized your iPhone or iPad Devices.

How to connect  iDevice  to laptop/PC.


When your device is connected to your computer, you can do many things via iTunes, you can sync your content and backup your device or you can update your device to the latest version. Once you are connected to your computer you can access your device by selecting your device’s icon in iTunes. If nothing happens when you connected your device, that means your device is not detected. Here is the solution to fix iTunes not recognized .

How to fix that your device is not detected.


>>The first thing you should do is to check if your iOS device is charging once it is connected.

>>If your iPhone or iPad is charging, your device will show a lighting indicator next to the Battery icon.

>>If your device is not charge, that means your USB cable is damaged or not working. Try a different USB cable that fixes your problem or the dirt may cause this.

>>In fact, many of them facing the problem has suggested us to clean the cable and the charging port before using.

>>And finally last thing is to check whether, USB port on your computer is working Properly or not.

>>If not try to use a different USB port on the computer/laptop.



Device is charging but couldn’t recognize iTunes:


If your device is charging when it is connected to your computer, then Read this:

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  1.  Restart your iOS device and your Computer.
  2. Ensure that your iPad or iPhone  have the latest version or you can check it now by going to Settings > General > Update.  
  3. Also check that your computer has the Latest version of iTunes.
  4. On Mac, go to System preferences > Software Update and check it.
  5. On windows Open iTunes >then go to Help > and check for updates. You can also update by going to Microsoft Store >(more)>Downloads and updates.
  6. Note: Make sure that your iOS device is ON, if not turned it ON.
  7. And we have to Unlock your iOS device first, if any popup alert you see tap on “Trust“.

    Click trust this computer
    Click trust this computer

Steps to be followed to get Better Results:

  • Disconnect your Device from your PC.
  • Unlock your iOS device.
  • Go to Home on Your iOS device.
  • Then, Reconnect your device.
  • Close and again Reopen itunes.

On your device, go to settings > General > Reset > tap on Reset Location and Privacy. This Process will reset your Location settings.

If you are still Facing some issues, try to follow the Below tips:

Steps to be followed on your Mac or Computer:

  1. Connect your iOS device to your Computer.
  2. Press and Hold the Option Key and (slowly scroll down)and click Apple menu and system information.This will launch a System information setting. From the left side you will notice USB option. Select USB (under the Hardware section).
  3. You can see your device under the USB device tree. If you see your device, it is highly likely that Third party security software prevent iTunes that recognizing your iOS device. You can resolve by the following ways:

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Third party security software prevent iTunes:


>>> Try to update your security software.
>>> Try Temporarily Disable your security software (if possible) to make sure if it cause any problem.
>>> IF not ,then Contact your security software Developers for improvement.


iTunes Not Recognized Errors:


Actually, iTunes is an important app where we purchase Music, Movies and many more stuff. But some of the iOS users facing errors like iTunes do not recognize your iPhone“, iPod, or iPad. whatever, many of them iOS users complained that iTunes won’t detect iPhone after updated to 12.9  they can’t get access to the music files.

The reasons for this type of error can be gone wrong with iTunes drivers, or incompatibility Between iTunes and iPhone.

If you are still facing this issue,you can CONTACT APPLE SUPPORT.

Final Thoughts:


We Hope you  Understand these methods We have explained. It will definitely help you in Fixing the  iTunes Not Recognized issue on your PC, iPhone or iPad devices. If you like this article Don’t forget to share with your friends and family members those who are facing the same problem.

If anyone of the above methods not working let me know in the comment section.

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