How To Reset iPhone. ( Explained )

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We have spent years with iPhone, and discovered countless Tips and Tricks to get the most out of it. But, it’s good to know the basics. Every iOS user should know how to reset iPhone and how important it is to reset your device regularly. Complete procedure is exactly same on every iOS device upto the iPhone 6s plus, but generation changed a lot with release of the iPhone 7, iPhone 7 plus and upgraded to iPhone X and so on.

If you  Upgraded from your old iPhone to the iPhone 8 or the latest iPhone XS max or iPhone 11. We never need to reset it, we are here to explain you how to reset iPhone, when you restart your device and how to force a restart when your iPhone is not responding. We also explained you the differences between reset, Hard reset and finally factory reset.

*1.How to Hard reset iPhone.

The easier way to reset your iPhone is quite opposite to turning it on. This method is referred as a “Hard reset“. In this process you won’t lose any data and nothing will be removed/deleted from your iPhone. The best moment is to perform a Hard reset is when your iPhone is working slower than that of usual or if any app isn’t opens or not working properly. And some-other related small problems has occurred.

*&**** Here is an Article to Know  HOW TO HARD RESET IPHONE ****&*

  •  Press and hold the power/sleep button until “Slide to power off” appears on the screen.
  • On the iPhone SE, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s and earlier models the sleep/power button is found at the top.
  • On the iPhone 6 and the latest models you will find the sleep/power button on the right side of your iPhone.
  • The slider that appears on the screen, simply swipe to the right.
  • Once your screen goes black and nothing on the screen, press and Hold the sleep/power button again until the Apple logo appears on the screen.
  • If you are facing any difficulty while doing soft reset alternatively, provided your iOS version has iOS 11 or latest version installed.
  • **You can go to General > settings and simply scroll down to the bottom where you will find “Shutdown”option.
  • Click on shutdown option you will see the “Slide to power off ” slider. Swipe it to right.
  • If any Problem happen don’t hesitate to CONTACT APPLE SUPPORT

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*2.How to factory reset iPhone.

Does your old iPhone or iPad using up precious space. Then you will want to do factory reset your iPhone or iPad before doing anything with it .

For doing the factory reset it turns back time when the device was released from well. It wipe out all accounts like:- apps, media, and everything else.

Factory Reset iPhone
Factory Reset iPhone

This is quiet different to a “soft reset”. It should be used when your phone is not responding properly and does not remove any data. For doing the factory reset you have to follow the following steps.

  1. Tap Settings option> General > Reset.
  2. Then, you see the “Erase all content and settings”.
  3. Enter your pass-code/fingerprint.
  4. Tap on “Erase”.
  5. Enter your apple id password.
  6. Finally, your iPhone/iPad will now factory reset.
  7. If you are still facing this issue,you can CONTACT APPLE SUPPORT.

**How to factory reset all iDevices.

It’s time to Factory reset your iPhone/iPad. The process for doing factory reset for both is same.

>>>Step 1: Go to Settings > General > then reset.

>>>Step 2: If your device uses Face ID/Touch ID/pass-code. You need to confirm and then tap on Erase iPhone.

>>>Step 3: Disable the Find my device and you will need to login with your Apple ID and ensure that it can be                             removed from your device.

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>>>Step 4: Once, you have done all the process your iPhone will take a few minutes before you to set it up as a                           new device.

Congrats, you have successfully done the factory reset your iPhone.

*3.Final Thoughts:

Well, Buddies we have explained you all the methods How to reset iPhone step by step. We hope all of you,  who are facing problem while doing reset. These guidelines are more helpful. If you like this post please share with your friends and family members, Who are facing this type of issue. If in case you are facing the same problem let us know in the comment section, we try our level best to solve your problem as fast as we can.

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