Top and Best Cydia Apps for iOS 2020.

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Hello, Buddies Today we are going to know the Top and Best cydia apps for iOS devices. If you want to download the best Cydia apps for jailbreak iOS 8+ devices. This is the right place because here in this article we provide the list of Best Cydia Store Tweaks. If you want to download top and best cydia apps for iOS 12+/11+/10+/9+/8+ on ipad/iphone then read more to get free cydia apps.

If you are an iphone user and wants to escape the restrictions set in by apple. Jailbreaking your iphone is the easiest way to open to yourself upto to the possibilities of customization features. This includes the custom Themes, designs, wallpapers, icon and list of specialized apps. This Features are all distributed through the mobile package manager known as Cydia. Cydia allows user to find and install apps that are not authorized by apple, enabling them to look and feel of the iOS. We handpicked the top and best cydia apps for iOS devices. These tweaks range from customizing the look and bring new features as well as functionality to your iOS devices.

Top 15 Best Cydia apps in 2020 for iOS devices

Now, we go through some of the useful Cydia Tweaks to customize your iPhone.

Top and Best Cydia apps
Top and Best Cydia apps
1. Cc Hide:

If you are interested to delete some settings on the control center this is the best application doing that. It gives Access to revoking any settings on control center and this application is very easy to use. You can get this cc hide application in cydia store for free without any purchases.

2. Copy Note:

The copy note cydia Tweak app gives Access to copy entire content on the note app and you can paste it on anywhere you want.

3. USB Power Alert:

In this USB power shows a simple popup with multiple options like:- Reboot, power off, safe mode etc. And also it indicates an available Ram on your device.

4. Skip lock:

Skip lock is a Bypass tool which can removes the screen lock of your iOS device. So, skip lock is a very useful device and also you can easily unlock your device by just pressing home screen.

5. Cy delete:

The cy delete is a cydia tweak app remover for iOS  jailbreak community. This application only works for cydia store Downloaded apps. And also you may uninstall Tweaks like Normal Apple store app.

6. Flux:

Flux is an excellent Tweak app for iOS devices Because it only designed for eye safety of users which are using a lot of time. It also deals with device screen brightness and the Temperature is depending upon location lighting condition. While using the Flux app you don’t get any strain to your eye for night shift work.

7. Infini Dock:

This infini Dock allows to add number of apps on your device home screen in single dock, so you can easily access any app by swiping the dock. The app which is available in Cydia store with $1.99 subscription fee.

8. App sync:

it is the most popular Tweak app for iOS jailbreak devices and it gives an access for cydia store and the cydia offers latest tweaks for their users. Without App sync app the installed tweaks from cydia will not work. This means the cydia Download Tweaks uses the app sync for Better performance. If you don’t install the appsync on your device the cydia apps does not works correctly you may face issues  like:- app crashes, device slow etc.

9. Dickshift:

It allows the users to change Dock back grand within the 12 best desired animations are given. It provides an excellent look of your device.

10. Barrel:

The Cydia tweak provides a Good graphical experience to your home screen icons on your iOS device. Almost 30 favorite animations on the home screen.

11. i File:

i files is a fast file explorer. In this cydia app it has in-built image viewer. And also audio and video player support for most of the file formats. You can visit Documents like:- Microsoft file type, pdf, Html and zip pack from within the explorer.

12. Pro tube Hd:

The protube hd has an impressive features and is specifically designed for ipad and its much more better than iOS youtube addition to having all the features which are available on YouTube is also available and the HD, SD video downloads and high quality MP3 Downloads also. The interface is nice and clean. It shows date, size, length and a thumbnail for saved videos not only that it supports the airplay also.

13. App locker:

The applocker allows you to lock individual apps using a highly secure password. The best thing is that you can even lock apps by using Touch iD.

14. Whatsapp customizer:

People who spend a lot of time on whatsapp,the design can sometimes be a real bore.This cydia Tweak to cure all the boredom with special features like colourful bubbles,Text colour change, date and time label color, font and text size customization and more.

15. Sugarcane 13 for iOS 13:

it is a very useful Tweak that puts percentage on modules in your control center such as battery and volume indicators.when changing the volume with side buttons you can get an idea of a numerical value associated with your volume level.

Final Thoughts:

The list of all the above complies all of the best free Cydia Tweaks available for a jailbreak for iOS.

Note: All these Tweaks have been updated to the latest iOS versions. Ensure that the Tweak is compatible for your iOS version before you install it. By using these Tweaks you will be able to customize your device to your preference and style.

Finally, I hope that I have provided you the enough information regarding the best cydia apps in recent times..Hopefully this article could shared with your family and friends if you feel its worth sharing.



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